The Cannon Foundation
The Cannon Foundation is an independent foundation established in 1943 by Charles A. Cannon, President and Chairman of Cannon Mills Company for more than 50 years. Focused predominantly on North Carolina, this endowed Foundation accepts unsolicited requests for grants, primarily for capital projects and equipment.

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Organizations must be 501(c)(3) public charities.
Local government agencies and local churches may be considered.

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Areas of Focus

Capital and Equipment Grants




Grants for healthcare organizations include local hospitals as well as critical access and rural hospitals, hospices, free clinics, agencies serving special needs populations as well as mental and substance abuse providers across North Carolina.

Higher Education

The Foundation supports colleges and universities across North Carolina. Community colleges operating in, or serving, Tier I or Tier 2 counties of North Carolina are also given consideration. The Foundation only funds public or private K-12 schools in Cabarrus County. The Foundation does not define education to include outreach efforts to raise awareness of issues or concerns. 

Human Services

Grants are made to organizations and agencies engaged in human services such as crisis assistance organizations, food pantries, homeless shelters, domestic violence services, developmentally disabled support organizations and child advocacy centers.


A smaller number of grants are made to organizations in arts and culture, historical preservation and environmental concerns. Grants to religious organizations are only made to local churches.

Representative Grants



Director Emeritus

William C. Cannon, Jr., President
Robert C. Hayes, Vice President
William M. Connolly, Secretary
Edward K. Prewitt, Jr., Treasurer

Eugene W. Cochrane, Jr.
Winslow H. Galloway
Thomas M. Grady
George W. Liles, Jr.
Elizabeth L. Quick

William S. Fisher
Dan L. Gray

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