A Legacy Of Philanthropy

Charles A. Cannon was an industry giant. Yet he remained invested in his community in every sense of the word. He was first and always concerned with the health and welfare of his employees. 

His philanthropic vision is reflected in the types of projects undertaken by the Cannon Charitable Interests today.



Years before industrial health standards became common, Mr. Cannon convinced his father to employ a nurse to safeguard the employees. When polio vaccinations became available, he secured 100,000 doses for both workers and the children of the community. He followed with 65,000 Asian flu vaccinations and 40,000 tetanus shots.

Mr. Cannon founded Cabarrus Memorial Hospital and served as chairman of the Board of Trustees for more than 30 years. He also served on the North Carolina Medical Care Commission and the North Carolina Tuberculosis Sanatorium Commission.


Mr. Cannon was committed to education, as evidenced by his positions as a trustee at Davidson College, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina. He was also a strong supporter of the public library system and the small, private colleges of North Carolina.

Public Service

Mr. Cannon believed that public service is both the duty and prerequisite for success. This commitment is reflected in his efforts on behalf of public highways, public parks, recreation, and other public works.


Mr. Cannon especially supported his local community, the region in which his employees lived, his state, and ultimately the nation. All were seen as part of an essential and mutually reinforcing whole.


The Legacy Continues

Today, the entities making up the Cannon Charitable Interests advance the values of the founder. In the spirit of a true American philanthropist, THE CANNON FOUNDATION and CHARLES A. CANNON CHARITABLE TRUSTS seek to improve lives and institutions in meaningful ways, assisting projects that often find other sources of funding problematic. MARIAM AND ROBERT HAYES CHARITABLE TRUST follows in this tradition as well.


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